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About 4 Charity Help

4 Charity Help is a modern 501c3 venture that has old school ideas. We believe in hard work, not cutting corners, and the values of helping our fellow philanthropists, causes and people.

Taking a page from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, we are striving to bring sustainability to our clients through social entrepreneurship. Our success will be seen in the success of others. Partnering with for-profits will bring this about and complete the giving and social cycle.

The Three Point Advantage System, a system unique only to 4Charity Help, is essential for any charity. Our system revolves around three main categories: sustainable income, modern technology, and manpower; better known as: financial, logistical, and technical support.

4Charity Help uses new and innovative ideas like crowdfunding and our proprietary monetization programs to help support charities financially. By partnering with for-profit businesses, we have brought sustainable incomes to charities. 

We intend to advance your charity's technological capacity through mastery of e-branding, collateral, websites, etc. 4Charity Help will provide the proper technology to help ensure the success of your Charity.  

To help your charity logistically, 4Charity Help will provide and coordinate volunteers to help at charitable events or meetings. 



Meet the Team

Ricky Marnell , Co-founder of 4CH

Ricky Marnell is currently attending Florida State University, class of 2020. He served as the captain of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas varsity wrestling team and has the Coaches' award showing the respect he received from the team. He was also a proud member of the local DECA chapter. Ricky takes many rigorous classes and has received an Underclassman Award signifying his accomplishments in the classroom.  In addition, his academic achievements have been recognized nationally in the National Society of High School Scholars. Ricky also interned in the marketing department of Bright Star Credit Union where he acquired insight on the purpose nonprofits serve in the community. He has successfully helped to create 4 Charity Help's history file as well as evolve income streams for 4 Charity Help. His research and dedication to crowdfunding, improving 4 Charity Help's website, and photo editing has helped launch these divisions within 4 Charity Help.

Royce Marnell, Co-founder of 4CH

Royce Marnell is an accomplished student, athlete, artist, and entrepreneur. He served as captain of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas varsity tennis team, showing his ability to lead and make executive decisions. He was a member of the varsity wrestling team and played a huge competitive role in the local DECA chapter. Royce is involved throughout the community and takes many rigorous classes, earning him a 4.2 GPA. He has successfully helped to create 4 Charity Help's business model alongside the other co-founders. He is the creator of all of 4 Charity Help's videos and branding. His acceptance into Florida State University's prestigious College of Motion Picture Arts demonstrates his amazing artistic ability and creativity where he is in pursuit of a BFA in animation and digital arts.

Rachel Marnell

Rachel is one of the original co-founders of 4 Charity Help. She graduated Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2014 and played a major role on the school's debate team where she was very successful and decorated. Her greatest passion is dealing with horses and she spent four years as a volunteer at the nonprofit Bit by Bit Therapeutic Riding. She is an incredibly hard working and dedicated person.

 Randi Marnell, Co-Founder

Randi Marnell is an accomplished entrepreneur and musician. In 2012 she co-founded 4 Charity Help. Her vision to help charities improve their bottom line by generating discretionary income has helped guide the practices of the start-up venture. While moving towards her associates in arts degree, Randi has steadfastly maintained her desire to become one of south Florida's top amateur violist.  Having earned the prestigious first chair in Broward's All County Silver Orchestra and by being selected to play with Florida's All State Orchestra, Randi continues to strive to become one of south Florida's preeminent violists.

Robbie Tromberg, Assistant Director of 4CH

Robbie Tromberg is highly recognized for his academic success and has earned the Chicago Book Award for his commitment to serving the community. He is currently in the top 1% of his class at Marjory Stoneman Douglas in which he is taking the most rigorous of classes. Robbie currently serves as the Past President of the local DECA chapter which he helped lead to over 600 members in the world. He has also participated on his school's varsity tennis team for the past several years. He has two large step families and enjoys spending time with friends as much as possible. During the summer of 2016, Robbie interned at the Coral Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce where he gained experience in customer service, SEO, ChamberMaster, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Office. His contributions to this nonprofit, have carried over in his ability to help manage all the business operations and responsibilities of 4 Charity Help's team members.

Christian Velazquez, Assistant Manager of 4CH

Christian has taken on a strategic role at 4 Charity Help and continues to push the limits in raising money for charities and helping create better communication for other charities within  their leadership.  He is watching over their implementation of the planning processes involving ownership and follow through of tasks, on everything from strategic planning to helping them with their marketing processes.      

Christian Velazquez is within the top of the class of 2022 at Archbishop McCarthy high school where he is taking several AP courses. He is currently enrolled in the Excelsior program which is a program that challenges the best students to take the most rigorous courses. Learning is his passion and he enjoys reading in his free time.  

Over the years Christian has put hundreds of hours into volunteering within the special needs community. Also, Christian recently spent weeks in Latin America helping rebuild a small school within the village. This taught him how crucial communication is to get things done. He enjoys going out to eat with friends and spending a lot of time with family.




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